True Love Story Say By Shashank

True Love Story: Hello friends I am sharing with you a true incident of my life at some point in life every person has fallen in love with someone at least once, same thing happened to me.. 

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My True Love Story 

in the year 2005 I went to the shop as usual to do the work my mother told me to do. While walking along the road, I see a beautiful girl in front of me 

Although she is beautiful to look at, looking at her I felt like I know this person from before and looked at her as one, of course she also thought that this boy was looking at her but she ignored me. Later I noticed that the same house was seen within 100 meters

When I was going out again, I would follow her first and then I would follow her home first so that I would know where she lived and whenever I went out, I would look at her house to see her at least once because my eyes would always look for her now. It was my luck she saw me again on 4-5th sometimes while leaving home and coming from tuition but the special thing was that she never paid attention to me but she used to notice me.

One day I left home to take my alder sister tiffin to the hostel and while straight was going a girl started looking at me. Right in front of my eyes, she sat in her car and saw me, she gave me a beautiful smile, but I was shocked to see all this. 

And I quickly bowed my head down and left from there and while walking along the road he was thinking that the girl who was not paying attention to him now noticed me and smiled at me but what if I used to look at her house every day when I got work or she I used to laugh at what was seen and by chance, she would continue like this

Then the year 2006 happened, in that year we became closer. I was in class 12th and she was in class 12th. My tuition was in the morning. When we were coming along the road, we used to see each other on the road or near the college. And at the same time I used to go to Hanuman’s temple every day

Then with yoga, she used to see me, sometimes she didn’t see me. One day I woke up at 1 o’clock in the night. I suddenly thought of her that she comes to study at her friend’s house. Let’s go there and see. I went to the same place and started walking

But after some time she also noticed me and she said goodbye to me from the window and she was also looking at me from the window. She thought that he will come and talk with me near the window but I said no. After a while the security guard came and he asked me why are you walking around so late at night. I came back home telling him he was walking easily but we never spoke and then the same continued.

But 2006 passed like that now year 2007 our 12th result came and her number got for MBBS meanwhile she used to stay sometimes in hostel or at home and in that year we got separated because while doing MBBS she also increased her studies and that year 2007-08-09 That’s how it ended She seemed to me to be the same but she didn’t have that much affection for me.

Then the year 2010 came but in that year a separate house was built for the doctor. After getting a place for him from the society, he went to build his own house. I got to know that and I was lucky that there was a bus stand 50 meters in front of her house which was falling down.

And immediately when I went to the second place, I saw her and her friend going out, so I also came with my bicycle because I had a bicycle at that time, immediately her friend noticed me and she showed her that he came here following you and then she also about me. I thought he loved me very much

Now I used to go there every now and then and I was leaving when she was about to go out, but she asked me to see her and I had to come to the square, and if I had a bicycle, I would have had a good time reaching her. She would come and then she would see me. It was 2010. I didn’t know her mobile number but I knew the landline number of her house.

One day by chance I checked whether her car is at home or not I saw her car and called that number and coincidentally there was no one at her house and she picked up the call I told her my name but she jokingly cut the call I immediately called her again but yaveles she talked to me and she just told me Jo bolna hai jaldi bolo mere pas jada time nahi hota I just told her I love you and she let me hang up

I was waiting there but later I realized why she was cutting my calls and making fun of me because her friends had come to her house then everyday I used to go to her house and come back but I was in the same mood. That her family should never stay at home and I will talk with her on call

One day suddenly she was standing on the porch of her house in a t-shirt. No she went back home then I immediately went to the shop and said I want to recharge but they didn’t have recharge with less money and recharged that much I didn’t have that much money I came back home

But after that she also got angry with me, she thought it was crazy not to call when she should have and then after that she didn’t see me at home much and such compassion 2010 passed away now it was 2011 in that year she often called me at night time. Her friend used to come for walks in the same campus and I knew that at this time she would come for walks, so I used to stand there waiting for her at that time.

Because my talk with her was not finished yet but I didn’t dare to talk to her but once I spoke to her very boldly and told her I have to talk to you but she angrily said that I don’t have to talk anything with you and thinking like this she left the campus and came back. I went to her house but that day I didn’t feel so bad about it rather I felt that I dared to speak in front of her after all these years.

After that one time suddenly I saw her in the same temple which I used to visit. She was sitting with her friend but seeing her face I thought she was depressed from something. She saw the big house how she would talk to us and if I tried to talk back then she didn’t talk so I left but I was worried because I knew she was upset.

After that days passed I was so madly in love with her that even though I had hiccups I felt she was remembering me. Now the year 2012 this year was very difficult for me because my mother’s health was very bad and on the day when I wanted to admit her she was also there she saw me and I also noticed her that she was there but I was very upset during that time.

In the same ward where my mother was admitted, her internship was starting that day, so she used to see me there from time to time, so I thought it would be too much now, so I will make one last attempt, so I massaged her on Facebook, but in that massage, some of my There was a spelling mistake she read that massage that same night but she blocked me from there

2013 I used to stay at the gate of our campus every night waiting for her sometimes she would come and I would get to see her but I rarely saw her during that year 2014 was a very difficult year for me because I got the news. That girl is now married

During that time, I managed to pull myself out with a lot of difficulty. My mind was saved. When I was in love with her, the rest of the girls but I never thought of seeing her. If I want to meet her, then no one, but she never met me.

Then i tried to contact her friend because I wanted to know where she was but nothing happened

This is the real love story. In fact, when I fell in love with her, I thought that in this life she will not be my friend. I will have to take another birth and then I will marry her. But somewhere, I think that love is only once and even today I love her only. thank you

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